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  • Ca’ Vendramin Land Reclamation Museum

    The history of the complete land reclamation of the Delta told through a colossal early 20th century water-drainage pump

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  • Remada a Seconda

    To safeguard and rediscover the navigable waterways in the territory of Padua

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  • Bovolenta canal village

    Along the Salt and Sugar Routes, the fluvial intersection to and from the Adriatic

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  • Scano Boa

    A sandy slither of land at the mouth of the Po, immersed in wild nature and literary references

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  • The Specola tower (Astronomical Observatory)

    Urban water-scapes and the ancient tower “Torlonga” of the Carraresi Castle

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  • The Castle of Este

    Military garrison and walled city of the navigable waterway

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  • The Archaeological and Environmental Museum of Waterways in Padua

    The Brenta and Bacchiglione rivers told through underwater finds

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  • The Draganziolo flood plain (golena)

    New spaces for waterways and the community: a replicable model of environmental restoration

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  • The Santa Margherita Water Pump Museum

    An operational nineteenth century water pump retells the history of the land and its reclamation

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  • Adria and its riviera

    An ancient Roman port at the centre of river navigation and the mythical "amber road"

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  • Museum of River Navigation

    The era of fresh water sailors and nautical traditions on display

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  • Tenuta Ca’ Zen in Taglio di Po

    Old country villa of the Venetian patricians immortalized by the verses of Lord Byron

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  • The Road of the Valleys fishing area

    Discovering the ancient Roman "piscinae piscariae" among lagoons and casoni in the Delta

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  • Museum of Roman Centuriation

    The Ager Romanus and ancient land organization between the Brenta and Muson Vecchio rivers

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  • The Forest (Bosco Limite) in Carmignano di Brenta

    An avant-garde project aimed at regenerating the aquifers

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The Global Network of Water Museums becomes a UNESCO-IHP initiative
The Intergovernmental Council of UNESCO’s International Hydrological Program (UNESCO-IHP) unanimously voted a Resolution endorsing a worldwide network of water museums at its 23rd Session in the Paris, 15th of June 2018

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Castello del Catajo

The Catajo Castle

A noble palace and military bastion presiding over commerce on the Battaglia Canal

A wonderful blend of military architecture and sixteenth century stately home, the Castle of Catajo...
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Torre della Specola

The Specola tower (Astronomical Observatory)

Urban water-scapes and the ancient tower “Torlonga” of the Carraresi Castle
The western wall of the city of Padua which rises next to the Bacchiglione offers...
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Orto Botanico Università di Padova

Padua Botanical Garden

"The origin of all the world's Botanical Garden" in the World Heritage List.
Instituted at the height of the Renaissance for the cultivation and study of medicinal plants,...
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